Custom Atlanta home landscaping designs are all about making the most of your outdoor living spaces. From lush private gardens to a calming pool, our residential landscape architects craft unique garden spaces that blend perfectly with the architecture of your home. Work directly with your personal landscape architect to create the landscape of your dreams.

Atlanta landscapes often skew in the traditional direction, with hedges, lawns and tidy rows of flowering shrubs providing a lush and formal look to outdoor spaces. But Atlanta’s climate also lends itself to creative landscaping ideas, with yards incorporating strategies for dealing with the region’s heat and humidity. Shade trees, fountains (large or small) and even fire pits help to beat the summer sun, while a well-planned irrigation system will keep plants looking their best all summer long.

In addition to enhancing your property value, residential landscapes Custom Atlanta home landscaping designs offer a multitude of benefits for homeowners and families alike. Strategically placed gardens and planters offer privacy, seclusion and natural barriers to noise and traffic, helping to block out the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Pathways and seating areas provide easy access to the yard, allowing for play, exercise or quiet contemplation. And features like patios, water features and fire pits encourage gatherings with family and friends in a comfortable, relaxing setting.

While a beautiful yard can be a source of pride for owners, they can also serve as a great way to manage the area’s abundant rainfall and high temperatures. This means planning for stormwater runoff, using permeable surfaces to slow down and capture rain onsite and implementing native and climate-adapted species that have proven themselves in local conditions.

Despite the heat and humidity, however, Atlanta’s gardens still offer opportunities for stunning fall color and vibrant spring blooms. Oakleaf hydrangeas, with their rich pink hues, and bottlebrush buckeyes, with their delicate blue-green foliage, make wonderful additions to any Atlanta landscape design. Native flowers, including black bugbane and fringed blue star, are also a wonderful choice to complement any garden.

With the right Atlanta residential landscape design, your garden will become a unique place to spend time with family and friends. A variety of hardscape elements—such as stone pathways and retaining walls, fountains and waterfalls, and benches and pergolas—are often integrated into the overall landscape design to add shape, texture, and color. A well-designed garden also includes a harmonious mixture of different plants, from deciduous to evergreen, to create an interesting and varied texture in the space.

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